HughesNet Issues

Some of our customers who are using satellite internet provider HughesNet have often reported download problems. t seems that HughesNet has a firewall built into their modems which simply will not work with our site for downloads. You may want to contact them directly to see if the firewall can be turned off.

We have had at least some customers who were able to talk to HughesNet that have gotten their problem fixed. One of them tells us that turning off the "Turbo Page" is what solved it for them. They provided this walk through to turn off the Turbo Page -

Open our site page in one window

In another window, go to System Control Page

Click on the "man" at the top of the page

Click on "Turbo Page"

Click "Turbo Page Configuration"

Select "Disable"Download file

Select "Enable" in the System Control Page window


Another customer tells us they had her do the following set of steps to correct the problem:

1. In internet explorer you click on tools.

2. Then click on internet options

3. Then on the connections tab

4. Then click on LAN settings

5. Then check both boxes under proxy server (leave the 2 on the top unchecked)

6. Then click on advanced

7. Then in the http boxes type under the proxy address to use and then type 3128 under port

8. Lastly type your IP address in the box under exceptions

Click ok three times and you are done.


We hope this will work for you.  If neither of these work for you, please let us know your order number and the title of the product(s) that you are unable to download and we can look for another solution.

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