Viewing PDFs on my Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a powerful tool for anyone who is a fan of electronic books like what we carry on this site. However, due to its unique way of handling downloaded content, there is an optimal way for you to manage your downloads from us on your Kindle Fire.

  1. Download and install the FREE Adobe Reader app. To do this, select APPS, then select STORE (upper right). At the very top, use the Search function and enter "Adobe Reader." Download and install Adobe Reader.
  2. Use the Web option on your Kindle Fire to navigate to this site.
  3. Make purchases as normal, and/or go to you MY LIBRARY and find your already-purchased PDFs that you wish to download onto your Kindle Fire.
  4. Once the download is complete, go to APPS and open Adobe Reader.
  5. After opening it, touch the area at the top that says DOCUMENTS.
    1. You will have two lists to peruse - the first one says "/mnt/sdcard/Documents". This lists all of the PDF documents you have on your Kindle Fire from either direct-connect data transfers (plugging your Fire into a laptop or similar device and transferring PDFs onto the Fire) or from emailing PDFs to yourself by using the Kindle Fire special email address you are provided.
    2. The second list, lower on the screen, says "/mnt/sdcard/Download". This is where any PDFs you download from a source like this site will be found.
  6. Open your PDF and enjoy!
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