Viewing PDFs on my Android Tablet

There are actually a number of reader options available in the Android Market. We suggest using the FREE Adobe Reader app or the inexpensive app ezPDF.

  1. Download and install the FREE Adobe Reader app. To do this, select MARKET. At the very top, use the Search function and enter "Adobe Reader." Download and install Adobe Reader.
  • Alternately, you can download the paid app ezPDF following the same steps above, except search for ezPDF. We've discovered that this application provides a much smoother experience, as well as providing additional options you might appreciate having for using your PDFs.
  • Use the Web option on your Android Tablet to navigate to this site.
  • Make purchases as normal, and/or go to My Library and find your already-purchased PDFs that you wish to download onto your Android Tablet.
  • Once the download is complete, you’ll see the file on the bottom right hand corner of your tablet. Click on your download. You’ll be able to select a Reader APP to open it. Select your Adobe Reader App or your ezPDF App.
  • After opening Adobe Reader, touch the area at the top that says DOCUMENTS. If using ezPDF, select the "All PDF" option on the top row.
  • With both apps, you will have two lists to peruse - the first one says "/mnt/sdcard/Documents". This lists all of the PDF documents you have on your Android Tablet from direct-connect data transfers.
  • The second list says "/mnt/sdcard/Download". This is where any PDFs you download from a source like this site will be found.
  • Open your PDF and enjoy!
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